New ID

We want to motivate and establish a neutral ID system. This ID is intended to be open to anyone who cannot or does not want to maintain their national association or have no such means. Whether political, legal or time-critical reasons are behind an individuals decision to register their nID, is irrelevant for the process of neutral ID assignment. A neutral ID is intended to provide protection from torture, death and loss of hope from time of registration to end of biologic life of registrant.

Properties: At the time being, we target a system that provides a neutral ID for any specific individual for all their lifetime. It can be paused / hidden if not assumed but cannot be deleted. It is hence always recoverable for any being to provide a legal protection framework for them. This framework (which was named ULEF until public voting was enabled)

Thank for your time.

Any ULEF representation-capable system (such as ZERO – Zonefree Emergency Response Operations) which has to provide minimum quality of life conditions make the circumstances of their life heard by culture. To provide such lifelong relation, a neutral ID will be generated based on human genetic-physiologic data-set (specific parts of genetic code encrypted and associated with physical attributes of the individual chosen by them (fingerprints, eye, teeth, cortical images). The data representation of these attributes will undergo protection by the ID protecting encryption algorithm system. (developed by multidomain research)

By 2028 we want to have scaled (up) to such extend that we can account for at least 50% of all refugees on earth. For that purpose we will serve as a neutral framework under which, world health organization and save the children can merge to the most time-critically operational system on earth. We propose optimization through the and meta-movements.

We justify our existence and the motivation to induce this synthesis by temporal self-relation – we started our work officially at 4/4/2020 and everything until then was placeholder character. We support the concept of a literate internet that uses aware and logically sound name distribution for systems according to the TLD domain structure which is used to manage and trace the dynamic of any meta-model based systems.

We are supported as central convergence structure within human civilization systems by the development team and want to serve as the progenitor to the central interaction design constitution of the concept. We base our information on the global priorities institute and their releases. We foster a neutral infrastructure and emergency operations response system that is gauged on a multi dimensional poly parametric system model engine of logistics and Global Workspace Computation Theory.

For the transition phase of previous non-global culture to future globally aware culture, we develop / as companion placeholders for the future eco-political-inclusive global management-system that will serve as foundation for a better future world supported by the – an open source project to implement a deeper type of logic into human data processing and its corresponding language usage (understanding workflow).